I’m forever grateful that I know whose I am, because I’m never defeated by foreign feelings. Feelings of inadequacy were dominant and with distorted emotions I was easily distracted by the cowardly whisper that echoed in my head, “What are you doing? You look ridiculous. Save yourself and stop.” I had to say a silent prayer for courage and a reminder that, this time, insignificant as it seemed was appointed by the Lord for a reason. My decision to continue with the photo shoot was a bloom in the darkness of low self-confidence in that moment. In that moment I chose to do more than model, I chose to bloom in the darkness of self-doubt.


Whose am I?

A king who has called me to bloom in the midst of every mind battle that terrorizes my vision, mission and passion.


Thank you Aniq for giving me the opportunity to be your model for your final assignment and Brandon for capturing the expressions of inner battles surfacing to bloom.

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