Balance head-on pursuit

Head carrying

Perhaps we need to look at this in a symbolic manner. This particular art of practice and patience, yet swift manner of balance in head carrying may just teach us that carrying our day to day work, and burdens, head on, and in a very balanced manner, could spare us time wasted on picking up and re-packing what has already been well packaged for our destination.

Whatever you’re pursuing. Remember:

  • Practice

Never stop practicing because we can always do better. With practice comes improvement, and improvement adds more weight to the influence your art carries.


  • Patience

Be patient. Changes don’t happen overnight because there’s a process we must undergo, to achieve our set goals and beyond. The skill of patience is a major contributor to helping us be the best we can be, in every season, during our time. We ought to learn to be patient in revamping our art, to present the best in our every appointed season.


“Be the best of your kind during your time.” Miss Ludo


  • Swift

Be prompt to grabbing our desired availed opportunities. We must not delay accepting the opportunities that present us with our hearts desired passion and goals.


  • Balance

We must not forget to balance practice time, waiting time and show time in the midst of the challenges brought on by our prompt acceptance of the desired opportunity. Don’t entertain regret, rarely do we get opportunities to fulfill our passion in a manner that omits balance.


“Balance your art of life on your path. Magical explosions shall come out of balance as a common denominator between humans.” Miss Ludo

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